Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gaming update

I've been enjoying this game WAY too much, especially since I got a HUGE crush on the scout :X

Beware of RTD

I think I get killed more than I kill :/

Lol (In MvM)

My hubby getting his crabwalk on. lololol

Ok this spray over my spray turned out hilarious and OOPS UNCENSORED

LOL whut, yeah you die after killing me
I love when that shit happens.

Stupid engys owning my face

I don't even know...
Fun with team mates xD


This sniper kept owning me looked cool with all his gear, so I had to get a snapshot.

I get paid a 2grand settlement soon from a car wreck I had back in last OCT from the douche bag not being insured. I am going to go nuts buying gear for my scout so he can be all sexy. Oh and I crafted my own SODA POPPER :D just need to get a punch again because I had to use it to make it :( SOON.


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