Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm a gamer girl, well just a tad

From time to time I will find a game I REALLY get into and play obsessively. For awhile it was World Of Warcraft. I still love it I just do not have the money to keep time on it. I've been off and on with console gaming (mostly X-box) ~HALO REACH WAS FUCKING EPIC~ but I struggle with motion sickness and can't even play 20 min on a game without feeling like my head is going to explode or I want to puke. Not to mention I get a overly drunk like feeling almost like the spins which is NOT fun. It really blows because I want to multi player with my hubby but I just CAN'T! Anywho...with comp gaming I can last a bit longer, an hour or so and I only get alittle of that sensation. I know when to quit but it still sucks. Keeps me from vegging too hard I suppose :P

My current game I am obsessed with :

Team fortress 2
(me in MvM)
I love the engineer class best :3

(I nerd rage)

it took an hour to find a room with people who knew what they were doing
too many noobs out there...

Well it's better than I've ever done in school HAH

My Spray :P
(this game is all about MLP LOL and I love loki so this just WORKS)

Heres me from last weekend
(still waiting on my lenses D:)

I play this game on the STEAM client. You can download it by clicking HERE

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