Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My first pair (review)

These were HELL to put in only because I did not expect them to feel as light as they do!
(I dropped the first lens like 10 times and had to keep cleaning it)
It didn't help that my eyes are SO SMALL and so are my nostrils but not my butt HAHA
I am pretty shocked at how much depth you can see in a circle lens and it's just a floppy little thing that goes in your eye haha.
Ofcourse my eye wouldn't stop trying to close/blink and everytime I got close to getting one in I couldn't tell because I couldn't feel!
I finally after only bout 15 min got one in my right eye then I couldn't get my left one out when I was done wearing em ROFL

I am terrible at reviews
(more like lazy)

My free lens case..ha pigs just like ME
Without-with eyemake

With-with eyemake
( I need to get so MUCH better at my eyemake D:)
I couldn't get the bottom false lashes to look right so I said EFF it
but I did some epic eyeshape extending I was proud of
sorry for terribad bathroom lighting
white balance was wonky

Caught my nails PERFECTLY on accident in this photo
( I can't afford acrylics so I do it nub style)

-Colour: ★★ -Everyone told me these are so dark they can hardly tell I am wearing them -_-
-Comfortableness: ★- Terribe, yet again this is my first pair and I didn't have proper eyedrops...
-Enlargement-★★★☆-These do enlarge the eye, not super big but I 
think is a good effect if you are going for a natural look.
-Overall ★★★★- I am just happy to finally have circle lenses :3!


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