Monday, June 10, 2013

H0w I've been spending my $kRILLA

Lately I've gotten back into painting my nails... I go through phases
Especially since I discovered how amazing crakle polish is!

I ordered these colors to go with my black crackle. I think it will look awesome xD

My lens packages came! an hour apart the same day

Pinky Paradise 

Honey Color 

I will review all these after a good long soak, I tried putting a pair in after a few hours and way too slick to wear

Nice and secure in my hair extension box LOL.
If it fits I work with it.
(I label them because I am OCD as heck)
This came friday :3

These are cheap and fall apart easy(I PAID 20 BUX) but I like a couple of them because
they look like fairy lash by sakurina

A super kawaii awesome bandanna I found at walmart. It was the last one
I am going to use it as a head tie :3

I got this strange scratch the other night...I don't remember itching myself.
I swear my apartment is haunted

I've spent like 200$ on just TF2 rofl
Little gaming update...

I got flipped off!
Why u blow up bro

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