Thursday, June 13, 2013

PMS (i hate my genetics)

I've had a horrible PMDD/PMS month and all I've cared about during this PMS is EATING so I wanna show you a few things I've been pigging out on and enjoying to try to just feel "better"

Am I AZN yet?!

I can eat this whole pint in 10 mins.
it makes me feel good
and is the best fuckn tasting ice cream
out there!!!

Not to mention all the donuts and fast food I've been eating lol 

When I need a pick me up I
turn to this. SO GOOD
I'm super addicted.

When I need relaxation
I turn to this since
I don't drink alcohol.

I have yet to bust these open but H E L L O who could resist buying these
especially if you're a coffee lover

Oh and this happened...a real japanese gyaru liked one o my photos!
I've been following her tag for awhile on tumblr, just found her IG and BAM
She must apreciate gaijian gals :D

I've had that SUPER depressed non suicidal feeling as if I lost someone close to me and it's all for NO REASON besides STUPID hormones >:|  but I just gotta be patient and wait for it to go away. And atleast all the weight I gained from binge eating came all off from poop'n lol.

Sry for the all lame cam phone pics but I should be getting my camera in acouple o days :DDD I can't wait to get back to more serious blogging. :3

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