Sunday, April 28, 2013

Eyemazing 001 REVIEW

Looks like Eyemazing has done it again by revamping their eyelash packs with two extra pairs for the same price as the old packs of 3! I am glad I held off on ordering these because these are a steal at 15 bux with a few dollars shipping that’s bout $3.50 a pair, what a deal!Here is a link to them on Ebay

Shipping took about 2 weeks, not too bad.
Here is after I customized them, I love layering lashes I can never leave them at their original state eheh

And here's a webcam pic of me with em on, I LOVE THEM!!!

-Comfortableness: ★★★★★- Can hardly tell you are wearing them
-volume-★★★★☆-These do enhance the eye, not super big but I
think is a good effect if you are going for a natural look/
-Overall ★★★★★- Love them! they look awesome if you love spikey lashes like me!

By far my favorite eyelashes to date, well worth the almost 20$ and I'm the bargain type


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